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We are a small, student-run publication that operates on 16 week semesters with a faculty advisor. PCC Inscape is a class (ENG 7) taken for credit at Pasadena City College. Students learn the ins and outs of literary journal publication, web and social media presence for the journal, and develop content such as blogs, critical reviews, creative work, and interviews with professional artists and writers. Students also learn how to evaluate submissions for literary journal publication, and design the print and online issues. It is an invaluable educational experience that supports the literary community at large by teaching students how to become professional members of the writing and publishing community.

We publish at least 1 (sometimes 2) print issues per year that celebrate the work of PCC Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni, and publish 2 online issues per year that celebrate the work of writers and artists near and far. We sometimes do special projects like chapbooks and broadsides.

We have published work by and interviews with Richie Hoffman, Steph Cha, Genevieve Kaplan, Sean Bernard, Don Campbell, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Kiyoshi Nakazawa and more. (If you are a writer interested in being interviewed by a staff member, it's a great learning experience for them and should be fun for you! Contact us!)

We are supported by fa VERY SMALL grant from Pasadena City College, and your generous donations.

We offer the Handley Creative Writing Scholarship Prize each year to the best student work submitted to PCC Inscape each year.

Immigration in the United States has always gone hand in hand with inequality. Many in the US go on with their day to day lives and have no idea what immigrants in this country face each day. How will others know about the struggles immigrants go through? We want to hear immigrant voices and voices of allies to immigrants speak out! We want your struggles, your observations, your stories! We want to hear about what you or your family or friends gave up in order to come into the United States. We're limiting this call to "poems" interpreted broadly. If you're unsure whether yours is a poem, submit it anyway!  THIS CALL IS OPEN TO WRITERS EVERYWHERE. WE ESPECIALLY WANT TO HEAR THE VOICES OF OUR PASADENA COMMUNITY MEMBERS AND GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA COMMUNITY MEMBERS.


· LA Immigration

· Historical immigrant neighborhoods in LA

· Immigration narratives, journeys,  and brief biographies

· "Illegal" or "Undocumented?

· "Immigrant" or "Alien" 

· Supreme court rulings and lower court "laws"

· National ID and Drivers License

· Politics and Immigration

· Women and Immigration

· Tributes to immigrant activists

Please Submit Here if you are a PCC Student, Faculty, Staff, Alumnus, Administrator. 

General Call for Submissions Open!

All work submitted will be considered for both the Online and Print issues between Fall 2018-Fall 2019. Any theme. 


  • Please submit all work in a single file (Except artwork). 
  • Please SAVE AS .doc or .docx with unique file name - Inscape.Genre.Name.
  • Please include titles of work in your cover letter, along with a brief 25-100 word bio. We may edit your bio. 
  • Please include a "selfie" with your submission as a separate .jpg
  1. Poems - Submit no more than 3-5 poems in a Single File. We take long poems too, so if you have a very long poem, consider sending only that poem.  
  2. Fiction - Please send no more than 2 stories at a time, no more than 5 typed, double spaced pages. Query if you'd like to send something longer.
  3. Non-Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction - Please send no more than 2 essays at a time, no more than 5 typed, double spaced pages. Query if you'd like to send something longer.
  4. Critical Reviews, Academic Essays, Blogs, Cultural Criticism etc. Please include one submission only. If you have a blog topic suggestion or query, send it with a sample of your own writing.
  5. Hybrid/Flash work - We like unique, strange, hybrid stuff and also "flash" or short short short pieces too! Please send no more than 5 or so "flash" pieces at a time. Query about hybrid work if you can't send a file. (Links are ok for audio, video, or online cloud storage to showcase work).
  6. Please submit artwork and photography separately (not in this field).

Purchase our most recent issue and get an extra archival issue or limited edition chapbook and/or swag! We are a community college journal and depend on your donations! The magazine is connected to a class that teaches students important, real-world skills like collaboration, team work, and critical thinking, plus some really great job skills like building websites, interviewing, editing, organizational skills, and more.

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