Thank you for supporting Pasadena City College's INSCAPE MAGAZINE. 

We accept work from writers everywhere, in addition to our PCC Community.

INSCAPE  publishes 1-2 print issues per year in Spring and Fall. Each print issue features a wide range of work submitted by Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni of Pasadena City College. Please indicate your PCC Affiliation in your cover letter and include a "selfie" .jpg photo and a 200 words or less bio in 3rd person. Our mission is to include writers from all cultural identities, in terms of race, ethnicity, indigenous tribe, gender, class, sexuality, age, education, ability, language, religion, and region. We try to present a diverse mix of voices in each issue. 

INSCAPE publishes a number of online issues, folios, and specialty print projects including broadsides, chapbooks, and more. These publications are open to ALL writers and artists EVERYWHERE. Please take note and submit in the correct category -- PCC AFFILIATED or PCC NON-AFFILIATED.

SUBMITTABLE: Setting up a Submittable account is FREE. Please be sure to use an email address where you can receive notifications and messages from the Submittable System. Please query about your submission to after 4 months. Include all of the particulars (what you submitted, when, etc.)

Please Note: Due to the high number of submissions and Submittable's fees for magazines to use their service, we must cap our number of submissions each month. If you are unable to submit because the submission period closed early due to a large number of submissions, please come back and submit at the start of the next month. Thanks for your understanding.

We are always accepting rolling submissions. However, because we are affiliated with an academic institution, when you submit in late December, January, June, July, and August, it may take us until the start of the Academic Year to get to your work. Thank you for understanding.

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OUR MISSION: We are a small, student-run publication that operates on 16 week semesters with a faculty adviser. PCC Inscape is a class (ENG 7 or ENG 20) taken for credit at Pasadena City College. Students learn the ins and outs of literary journal publication, web and social media presence for the journal, and develop content such as blogs, critical reviews, creative work, and interviews with professional artists and writers. Students also learn how to evaluate submissions for literary journal publication, and design the print and online issues. It is an invaluable educational experience that supports the literary community at large by teaching students how to become professional members of the writing and publishing community. We really need your support with submissions, as well as donations in order to keep this project alive and to continue facilitating the next generation of readers and writers of outstanding creative work. Consider submitting under our "donations" category. We promise to get to your work a bit faster, although a donation is not a guarantee of publication. 

We have published work by and interviews by/with Adrian Cepeda, Mike "The Poet" Sonksen, Richie Hoffman, Steph Cha, Genevieve Kaplan, Sean Bernard, Don Campbell, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Kiyoshi Nakazawa and more. (If you are a writer or artist interested in being interviewed by a staff member, it's a great learning experience for them and should be fun for you! Contact us via email!)

Writing Awards: We offer the Handley Creative Writing Scholarship Prize each year to the best student work submitted to PCC Inscape each year. There is no application for this. We consider work by students and select finalists and scholarship recipients. To be considered, you MUST be a CURRENT PCC STUDENT and you MUST INDICATE IN YOUR COVER LETTER AND BIO that you are a CURRENT PCC STUDENT in addition to notifying us of your anticipated graduation or transfer date. 


Please submit into the correct Submittable Portal. If you don't see it, please wait to submit -- do not submit your work in a different portal. We currently only accept work through our submissions portal on Submittable. We will not read unsolicited materials via email or postal mail. Because of Submittable’s costs and policies, we currently cap our submissions at 300 per month across all genres, at which point we close until our queue resets the following month. If there are no open calls for submissions during an open reading period, it's safe to assume that we hit the cap and will reopen the first day of the next month. 

Simultaneous submission (submitting to more than 1 magazine at a time) is not something we encourage. We promise to try to get to your work quickly.

If you have to withdraw your work for any reason, please do so on Submittable. If you are making a partial withdrawal (in the case of flash or poetry, for example), please make a notation through Submittable using “Inscape Withdrawal” as your subject line.  If you just need to correct a small mistake in your submission (typos, minor changes), you can request that we open your submission on Submittable for editing. This is preferable to withdrawing and resubmitting because resubmitting counts against our monthly submissions cap, but please know that we generally won’t decline work solely because of typos or grammar weirdness. 

Please send one submission package at a time and wait until we have had a chance to respond to your submission before submitting again.  

We try to respond to submissions within four months, and often get back sooner if it's within the academic year, but sometimes we make mistakes, so please query to after 4 months. Be specific about what you submitted and when. Please be kind in your correspondence -- students who are learning about publication are performing all of the managerial roles. Be sure to check your own submission status in Submittable as well.

Cover letters: Include a cover letter with your submission that tells us what you are submitting (titles and genre are helpful) and a short third person author bio. We like cover letters because we would like to know who you are, if we don’t already. But the information in your cover letter will have no bearing on whether or not your work is accepted for publication — that decision is driven solely by the writing you submit.

Upon acceptance, PCC INSCAPE requests first serial rights. All rights revert back to the author upon publication, although we will preserve your work online in our archives for the lifespan of the magazine. If the work is later republished, we request you note its initial publication in PCC INSCAPE. We also request the right to republish your work in future print anthologies and/or as promotional broadsides with author permission. Unfortunately, PCC INSCAPE is not a paying market at this time, but we will give you free print issues and other specialty publications for free if you note that request in your bio and include your mailing address. 

Please Note: At this time, we are unable to ship internationally.  If you would like to cover the appropriate costs of shipping, please email us at and we can happily arrange that. 

Some things we will not consider:

  • unsolicited previously published material—this includes but is not limited to materials included in books, periodicals, websites, social media, or other publicly accessible online venues
  • unsolicited revisions of work we have previously declined
  • book-length works and whole chapbooks

PCC INSCAPE does not currently charge fees for submissions to the magazine, but we do have a "donations submission" portal. 


Please send one story, novella, or novel chapter at a time. Please note that novel chapters or excerpts should read well as stand alone pieces. We also love flash fictions (<1,000 words)—send up to three flash fictions in one document. Double-space your manuscript and include page numbers.


Please send one essay, memoir, or non-fiction excerpt at a time. Please note that book chapters or excerpts should read well as stand alone pieces. We also love flash non-fiction (<1,000 words)—send up to three flash non-fiction pieces in one document. Double-space your manuscript and include page numbers.


Please send one to five poems and place them all in one document. Use spacing and formats appropriate for your poems—that is, submit them the way you wish them to look. Make sure you edit for spelling, punctuation and other grammatical concerns. 


We are not open to translations at this time, but we do accept work in other languages if it is yours and if you translate it into English so that both pieces can appear side by side.


We like to include visual art. Artists should send one to three images at one time (and no more than twice per year). Files should be JPGs or similar file type. Screen resolution at a size that displays the image well enough is fine — if an image is accepted for publication, we will ask for a higher resolution file if necessary.


Critical essays, book reviews, and interviews are accepted. 


We love guest blogs on a variety of topics. Please include appropriate images with your blog.


All queries and correspondences should be directed to the editors at

Thank you for being interested in publishing with INSCAPE

— The Editors

Please review our full submissions guidelines carefully. 

Current and former students as well as staff, faculty, facilities personnel Can submit through this portal. Please submit 1 prose or 3-5 poems, or hybrid-genre work or critical essays like literacy narratives or literary critique are welcome here. Include in a brief academic bio the following:

your full name, mailing address, phone number, email, “role” at pcc ( current student, alumni etc.). Please include a selfie photo to appear with your work if we publish you online. 

this submission portal is for the Fall 2021 print issue and winter and spring w021 online issue and special publishing projects. All student work will be considered for the Handley prize in creative writing. 

We do not publish work under pseudonyms. 

We may edit your work for grammar Issues. Deeper editing suggestions will be queried with you, so please be sure to set up submittable notifications to your preferred email address. 

We regret we aren’t able to offer revision commentary at this time. 

Please  upload a single document in doc or docx.

Please pay attention to your spacing and line break choices for poetry. If we query and don’t hear from you within 30 days we will archive and decline your submission.

we have a small student staff and read work during regular academic semesters. It is not unusual for us to take 12-18 weeks to respond.

Please be professional and kind in your communications with staff.

student submissions are free, but if you are able to donate 2.00 to offset the cost of submitTable, we appreciate your donation.

All students published will receive 1-2 free contributor copies.

Inscape Magazine is a student-run publication at Pasadena City College in print since 1942! We published one of the first stories by award-winning alumna Octavia Butler in our very pages! Our archive is housed at the Pasadena City College Library.

While we receive a small grant each year from PCC Student Services, the Covid-crisis has left our funding up in the air. We appreciate any donations for the publication of our print magazine and Editor's prizes. The magazine is attached to the ENGL 7 course, which teaches students how to work on a professional literature magazine, how to take on editorial roles, how to interview professional artists and writers and how to compose culture-content for our Feral Parrot blog. Students also choose awardees for the Handley Award Scholarship for Pasadena City College students as well as other editorial prizes. 

We publish at least 1 print issue per year and online content at

Our regular print issues are reserved for publishing work by students and community members of Pasadena City College. Special print issues and online issues publish work by students and writers at large.

Our Creative Writing program at Pasadena City College is a member of the AWP Associated Writing Programs Affiliate Members and the Community of Literary Magazines and Small Presses.

Please consider donating by mailing a check made out to PCC Inscape Magazine to:

Attn: Dr. Kirsten Ogden, Inscape Magazine

English Department - Creative Writing Program 

C 245 - Pasadena City College

1570 East Colorado Blvd.

Pasadena, CA 91106 

You can also donate here through submittable at a rate of $10.00 or more (as submittable takes a small fee for processing donations). 

Your name will be featured as a donor on our website (if you wish) and in our next print issue (if you wish). Please let us know if you'd like your name featured, or if you'd like to be featured as an anonymous donor.

Include your address as well and we'll send back issues and freebies.

Please DO NOT submit work for publication here. It will be deleted.

Our latest issue is GORGEOUS and features artwork by Canadian artist Laurie Lynn-McGlynn!


If you are a student, we'll send you your copy! Include your mailing address. If you're able to donate to off-set the cost of mailing, we REALLY appreciate it! Please Note: At this time, we are unable to ship internationally due to Covid 19. Please contact ATTN Dr. Ogden if you'd like international mailing and we'll do our best.

If you were published in a print issue of Inscape and didn't get your contributor copy, please let us know by submitting your name, email, address, telephone number, the title of your piece, and the semester/year your piece was accepted.

We will make every effort to immediately send you your back issue! 


Only Submit Here if you are NOT a PCC Student, Faculty, Staff, Alumnus, or Administrator.  General Call for Submissions Open!


Before you submit, please know:

  • This is an academic course at PCC that offers students an opportunity to learn about creative writing magazine publishing
  • We are imperfect and may sometimes keep your submission up to 6 months before reply.
  • During the summer months of July and August we do not have a staff and submissions are read by alumni staff members s l o w l y 
  • We appreciate your kindness and empathy as our changing staff and editors work on the magazine.


  • Please include your name, email, and mailing address on all pages of your submissions
  • Please query through submittable or to with ATTN OGDEN in the subject header
  • Please consider making a small donation to our magazine. Our funding is up in the air due to COVID.
  • Please submit all work in a single file.
  • Please SAVE AS .doc or .docx with unique file name - Title.Genre.Your Name.
  • Please include titles of work in your cover letter, along with a brief 25-100 word bio and your mailing address and email. We may edit your bio.
  • Please consider including a "selfie" with your submission as a separate .jpg if your work goes online.
  • If your work has been published elsewhere, please note that - if we like it we may republish it but will credit the first publishing appearance of your work.
  • Include your MAILING ADDRESS and EMAIL.
  1. Poems - Submit no more than 3-5 poems in a Single File. We take long poems too, so if you have a very long poem, consider sending only that poem.
  2. Fiction: Send no more than 2 stories at a time, no more than 5 typed, double spaced pages. Query if you'd like to send something longer.
  3. Non-Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction - Please send no more than 2 essays at a time, no more than 5 typed, double spaced pages. Query if you'd like to send something longer.
  4. Critical Reviews, Academic Essays, Cultural Criticism etc. Please include one submission only. Please submit any blogs to our call for guest bloggers. If you have a blog topic suggestion or query, send it with a sample of your own writing.
  5. Hybrid/Flash work - We like unique, strange, hybrid stuff and also "flash" or short short short pieces too! Please send no more than 5 or so "flash" pieces at a time. Query about hybrid work if you can't send a file. (Links are okay for audio, video, or online cloud storage to showcase work).
  6. Artwork/Photography - Please use one of the appropriate file types listed on the next page. If you have a different format you would like to submit, please email us and we'd be happy to take a look.
  7. Critical Essays on literature, literary topics and themes, etc. Up to 10 double-spaced, typed pages. Include Works Cited.

Please consider including a donation with your submission to cover the cost of our staff using SUBMITTABLE. The Covid-Crisis has left our funding up in the air and we greatly appreciate any support you can offer!

PCC Inscape Magazine