all the world is full of inscape and chance left free to act falls into an order as well as purpose.

- Gerard Manley Hopkins

Inscape is a student-led arts and literature journal that celebrates the critical writing and creative efforts of writers within and beyond the Pasadena City College community. 

Established in 1943 as Pipes of Pan, Inscape is a contemporary journal that publishes critical commentary, prose, poetry, drama, art, and hybrid texts across disciplines. We are drawn to work from diverse writers and artists whose pieces thoughtfully and critically explore today's literary and cultural climates. 

At least one print journal per year is produced by our student staff, with additional issues when funding permits. Additional projects, such as online issues, folios, and specialty print projects, are offered when funding permits. 

We are currently accepting critical and scholarly essays, fiction, literary/creative non-fiction, poetry, drama, hybrid writing and visual art and photography for potential publication in print and online issues for 2022-2023. 

General Guidelines

****PLEASE NOTE: In order to submit to us, you must create a Submittable account. You can create one using your Facebook/Google account logins, or create one using your email.

Submissions are accepted throughout the year; please note that our active reading cycles correspond to the academic calendar at Pasadena City College. Submissions made during the summer or winter intersessions (June through August and late December through January, respectively) may not be reviewed until the beginning of a new academic term. We are grateful for your patience. All work is considered for both print and online publication.

Inscape publishes work from students, faculty, and staff at Pasadena City College, and we also accept work from writers outside of the PCC Community for online publications. Please indicate your affiliation with PCC in your cover letter, as well as on your submission.

If at any point you must withdraw your work, please do so on Submittable. Simultaneous submissions are ok, but please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Please allow us up to 4 months to review your work if you've submitted it during the current academic calendar.

For questions about active submissions, please communicate with us through Submittable. 

The Handley Award

Current PCC students are eligible for the Handley Award, a scholarship that recognizes excellence in creative writing. There is no application for this award; to be considered, you must be a current PCC student. You should indicate this status in your cover letter. Recipients are notified of their award each Spring.

Welcome to the submission portal for Summer/Fall 2022 online and in-print publication for PCC Inscape Magazine

This portal is for affiliated students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Please know we can only accept up to 300 submissions per month and then we close. Return the following month to submit something new.

Please submit your poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Critical Essays, Dramatic texts and Hybrid writing in this portal if you are a PCC Student, Faculty, Staff, or Alumni. Please do not submit art or photography through this portal.

Please include your name, phone number, email, date of submission and PCC affiliation in your cover letter and on each page of your submissions. 

  • Please submit no more than 3-5 poems (up to 10 pages), 1 short story or essay up to 10 pages or 3-5 flash fiction or non-fiction pieces, or a one-act dramatic text with each submission. 
  • Please submit your documents as .docx or .doc (NOT PDF). Please submit each piece as a separate file with your last name, genre of the piece, and the title of the piece. Example: Juarez-poetry-ToTheEast.docx OR Juarez-Fiction-WakingOnMonday.doc
  • Please submit only 1 genre in your submission. You may additionally submit other genres separately.
  • Simultaneous submissions are ok (this means you may have also submitted this elsewhere for publication) but please notify us immediately if your piece is accepted elsewhere. 
  • Please prepare a short, formal cover letter to accompany your submission. Your cover letter should indicate your affiliation with PCC and should include the following: a short (100 words or less) bio written in third person, the titles of each piece submitted for potential publication, and your phone number, email address, and a current mailing address. Current PCC students should also include an anticipated graduation or transfer date so that we may consider you for The Handley Creative Writing Award.
  • Please use spacing and formatting of your work consciously as you'd like it to appear in publication. We often space poetry at 1.5 lines for reading and separate prose paragraphs with white space rather than a tab-key to indicate paragraphing. Be sure to edit your work carefully and to pay attention to spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence clarity, and capitalization. If you're submitting a critical essay, please DO include a "Works Cited" for your quotations.
  • Please be sure you check your submittable messages regularly, as we may reach out to query.
  • If you are a PCC student and are submitting work you completed for a class, please remove all course-specific information (such as an MLA style heading) before you submit your work.


Inscape Magazine is a student-run publication at Pasadena City College in print since 1942! We published one of the first stories by award-winning alumna Octavia Butler in our very pages! Our archive is housed at the Pasadena City College Library.

While we receive a small grant each year from PCC Student Services, the Covid-crisis has left our funding up in the air. We appreciate any donations for the publication of our print magazine and Editor's prizes. The magazine is attached to the ENGL 7 course, which teaches students how to work on a professional literature magazine, how to take on editorial roles, how to interview professional artists and writers and how to compose culture-content for our Feral Parrot blog. Students also choose awardees for the Handley Award Scholarship for Pasadena City College students as well as other editorial prizes. 

We publish at least 1 print issue per year and online content at

We are a community publication and we primarily publish work by PCC Community Members and occasionally artists and writers from elsewhere.

Our Creative Writing program at Pasadena City College is a member of the AWP Associated Writing Programs Affiliate Members and the Community of Literary Magazines and Small Presses.

Please consider donating by mailing a check made out to PCC Inscape Magazine to:

Attn: Dr. Kirsten Ogden, Inscape Magazine

English Department - Creative Writing Program 

C 245 - Pasadena City College

1570 East Colorado Blvd.

Pasadena, CA 91106 

You can also donate here through submittable at a rate of $10.00 or more (as submittable takes a small fee for processing donations). 

Your name will be featured as a donor in our publications. 

Please DO NOT submit work for publication here. It will not be reviewed and will be deleted.

Our latest 3 issues are gorgeous! 

Our Winter 2021 issue was themed "DARK & LIGHT" and features a selection of carefully curated work in a full-color issue edited by our student editors Coco and Amanda Ly. The issue features poetry, prose, and hybrid work. (Vol 77, Issue 1). 

Our Fall 2020 issue edited by student editor Kristen Simental is a fantastic focus on stories written by students and PCC Community members. The issue boasts several outstanding interviews, including with Mississippi Review editor Adam Clay, a profile of poet Jimmy Santiago Baca who visited PCC in Spring 2020, and an interview with cover artist Jenny Kessler as well as wonderful photographs from other artists in the PCC Community. (Vol 76, Issue 1). 

We still have copies of our double-sized Spring 2020 issue (Vol.75 - No.1)  edited by student editors Alicia Wilson and Sean Ban. The issue features stunning artwork by Canadian artist Laurie Lynn-McGlynn as well as superb, carefully selected poetry and prose and an essay series exploring California Literature.


If you are a student, we'll send you your copy! Include your mailing address. If you're able to donate to off-set the cost of mailing, we REALLY appreciate it! Please Note: At this time, we are unable to ship internationally due to Covid 19 unless you are a contributer. Please contact ATTN International Mailing and we'll do our best. 

PCC Inscape Magazine