Ends on March 10, 2019

Immigration in the United States has always gone hand in hand with inequality. Many in the US go on with their day to day lives and have no idea what immigrants in this country face each day. How will others know about the struggles immigrants go through? We want to hear immigrant voices and voices of allies to immigrants speak out! We want your struggles, your observations, your stories! We want to hear about what you or your family or friends gave up in order to come into the United States. We're limiting this call to "poems" interpreted broadly. If you're unsure whether yours is a poem, submit it anyway!  THIS CALL IS OPEN TO WRITERS EVERYWHERE. WE ESPECIALLY WANT TO HEAR THE VOICES OF OUR PASADENA COMMUNITY MEMBERS AND GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA COMMUNITY MEMBERS.


· LA Immigration

· Historical immigrant neighborhoods in LA

· Immigration narratives, journeys,  and brief biographies

· "Illegal" or "Undocumented?

· "Immigrant" or "Alien" 

· Supreme court rulings and lower court "laws"

· National ID and Drivers License

· Politics and Immigration

· Women and Immigration

· Tributes to immigrant activists