Inscape Magazine is a student-run publication at Pasadena City College in print since 1942! We published one of the first stories by award-winning alumna Octavia Butler in our very pages! Our archive is housed at the Pasadena City College Library.

While we receive a small grant each year from PCC Student Services, the Covid-crisis has left our funding up in the air. We appreciate any donations for the publication of our print magazine and Editor's prizes. The magazine is attached to the ENGL 7 course, which teaches students how to work on a professional literature magazine, how to take on editorial roles, how to interview professional artists and writers and how to compose culture-content for our Feral Parrot blog. Students also choose awardees for the Handley Award Scholarship for Pasadena City College students as well as other editorial prizes. 

We publish at least 1 print issue per year and online content at

Our regular print issues are reserved for publishing work by students and community members of Pasadena City College. Special print issues and online issues publish work by students and writers at large.

Our Creative Writing program at Pasadena City College is a member of the AWP Associated Writing Programs Affiliate Members and the Community of Literary Magazines and Small Presses.

Please consider donating by mailing a check made out to PCC Inscape Magazine to:

Attn: Dr. Kirsten Ogden, Inscape Magazine

English Department - Creative Writing Program 

C 245 - Pasadena City College

1570 East Colorado Blvd.

Pasadena, CA 91106 

You can also donate here through submittable at a rate of $10.00 or more (as submittable takes a small fee for processing donations). 

Your name will be featured as a donor on our website (if you wish) and in our next print issue (if you wish). Please let us know if you'd like your name featured, or if you'd like to be featured as an anonymous donor.

Include your address as well and we'll send back issues and freebies.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.